Now, add “whisky” to any of these. That’s who you are. Your club is an amalgam of all those.

We can relate because we’re like that too.

And we’d like to add two more commonalities between your group and ours: “Whisky Finder” and “Whisky Sharer”.

It’s true, we all love finding those hard-to-get expressions.  Or, even better, those “discovered-before-anyone-else gems. Then comes the best part: sharing them with your members.

That’s what we’re all about, at Whisky Quarterly Ontario.  We find those treasures.  And we make them available for our Members.

Seeing as our groups have so much (whisky) in common, we wanted to give your group another source to explore and to bring new experiences to your members.

We wanted to keep it simple: 50% off.

Sign up for a Whisky Quarterly Ontario membership and you have access to everything from our catalogue of products from our Distillery Partners. And, because you’re a part of our Whisky Club, your members save 50% off our annual membership.

Then, as members, they can pick and choose whatever they’d like to order to their heart’s content.

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