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“If it’s delicious, we want you to have it.”


11-year old

Sweet malt, lime and nutmeg, followed by some pepper cracked over oak with flavours of lime, juicy kiwi and lemon mixed with nutmeg.

Berinnes, 10 year, The Single Cask


10-year old

Sweet malt and crisp green apples followed by walnuts that were cracked by new oak planks with flavours of spiced cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper that’s sprinkled over malt, ripe apples, and succulent grapes.

Blair Athol, 8 year, The Single Cask

Blair Athol

8-year old

Lively and robust. Limestone, grapefruit juice, floral elements, lime, oak, malt, white wine, pine resin, and white pepper with flavours of grapefruit juice, pear juice, oak, malt, pine sap, floral elements, white wine, lime, honey, and white pepper.

Caol Ila, 6 year, The Single Cask

Caol Ila

6-year old

Bright and youthful with its core Islay character shining through. Peat and smoke, sea salt and shells, oak and vanilla, cinnamon and green tea with flavours of sea salt and shells from the ocean.  All coming together to meet bacon smoked over peat from the land.

Dailuane, 12 year, The Single Cask


12-year old

Malty and delightful with fresh pear juice.  Hints of oak, green apple, barley sugar, white wine and honey with flavours of oak, wood spice, pear juice, white wine, and rock sugar.

Inchgower, 10 year, The Single Cask


10-year old

Oak, nutmeg and green tea, followed by green apple, figs and black pepper with flavours of more oak, black pepper, tea leaves and nutmeg. Rich figs and green apple make an appearance alongside a squeezed lime.

Linkwood, 8 year, The Single Cask


8-year old

Oak, vanilla, pear juice, white wine, green apple, walnuts, toasted almonds, lime with flavours of bitter oak, walnuts, green tea, lime, white wine, and pear juice.

Mannochmore, 10 year, The Single Cask


10-year old

A wonderful floral nose with both the sweet malt characteristic of the spirit, and the influence of the cask in the form of cinnamon and vanilla notes, coming through with flavours of sweet malt, cinnamon, vanilla and floral hints.  Deliciously followed by green tea, lemon, lavender, and black pepper.

Strathmill, 12 year, The Single Cask


12-year old

Rich and fruity aromas.  Full of maple syrup, orchard fruits and coffee.  Very well rounded with rich and syrupy fruit flavours, zesty citrus, sponge cake, and marmalade.

Find something you want to explore, sit down with friends and family, and enjoy.

These Single Cask spirits are nothing short of exceptional.

It starts with the search for that whisky diamond:  the perfect cask that best tells that whisky’s story, be it single malt, Irish whiskey and American bourbon.  The end of each of these whiskies though, is the same: They want you to have it.

Every award-winning whisky is then bottled with no artificial colouring and no chill filtering.

This keeps the whisky original – as it was meant to be – as if you discovered this rare cask in some dark, quiet warehouse.

And, to add a little more oomph to each whisky’s story, every one is bottled at cask strength.

The bottles themselves add to the exclusiveness of your find: each glass decanter bottle is numbered to exactly show how many bottles, or rather how few, are in the release.

These whisk(e)y craftspeople love what they do.  And, because you’re a member of Whisky Quarterly Ontario, you do as well.

The Single Cask

Photo credit: @whisky_click