Terms & Conditions

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Age Restrictions

To register for a membership at Whisky Quarterly Ontario, you must be of legal drinking age (19+) and reside in the Province on Ontario.


A Whisky Quarterly Ontario membership includes:

  • Access to our quarterly whisk(e)y rotation
  • Access to exclusive, or early access to upcoming events
  • Access to tasting notes and additional member-only content

Whisky Quarterly Ontario reviews every membership application and has the right to revoke membership as it sees fit.

Membership Fee Structures

The total annual fee for a new annual memberships is $100 plus HST. This includes the initial setup fee and the annual membership fee.

Memberships are available in a few formats:

  • An annual fee of $75 plus HST (not including any setup fee)
  • A monthly Saas-style structure of $6.25 per month plus HST (not including any setup fee)

Annual membership renewals are invoiced, and membership is renewed upon payment. If you wish to accelerate the process, please consider opting-in for automatic member renewal, or switching to our SaaS-style membership structure.

Please submit a form on our contact page indicating you’d like to be automatically billed for your annual membership.

If you forget to opt-out of an automatic renewal for an annual renewal membership, prior to the next billing cycle, Whisky Quarterly Ontario extends a refund period of 30-days past renewal for a refund.

Membership Cancellation

To receive an annual membership refund, you have a 30-day past registration. Cancelations must be made by email.

To cancel our monthly Saas-style model. Cancelations must be made by email via our contact form.

Payment Methods

Payments for memberships, orders and other events or programs can be made by major credit cards accepted by our payment processor.

Ordering on Our Site

Orders are made available via our website include our quarterly rotations, accessories, events etc all function slightly differently:

Ordering whisky/whiskey on our site is a quoting process that we manage between our partnered distilleries and the LCBO. If you’re wanting to participate in a quarterly rotation, order a bottle/case from a distiller on the site, depending upon the terms, you will be presented a quote back confirming final pricing.

Orders made for non-alcoholic product, item or event can be paid for immediately, without a quoting process.

Alcohol Order Pricing Structure

As alcohol pricing and taxation is heavily mandated by the LCBO, our pricing conforms to the requirements of the LCBO within the Province of Ontario.

Canceling an Order

Refund times depend on when the cancellation request is made. Case orders and special orders are non-refundable if they have shipped from the distillery.

If you need to get in touch with us about cancelling an order, do so immediately via our contact form, ensure you select Order Cancellation Request from the dropdown menu.

Delivery Time

We know, waiting is hard!

At the time of an order, your whisky/whiskey will still be at the distillery itself. Our partnered distillers and the LCBO manage the delivery to Ontario itself, and ultimately to you. On average, deliveries can take between 4-6 months from the order, but this can greatly depend on product availability at the time of ordering, as well as the country of origin.

Pickup Locations

When you become a Whisky Quarterly Ontario member, we will work with you to determine your pickup location based off of your home address.

The LCBO will advise Whisky Quarterly Ontario when your order is ready for pickup. Once we have been given the go ahead, we will contact you so that you can head to your designated pickup location.

Moving / Crossing Provincial Borders

IMPORTANT: Neither Whisky Quarterly Ontario nor the LCBO  are permitted to ship alcohol across provincial boundaries. Your orders can only be delivered within the Province of Ontario.

If you move within the same province after placing your order, we can assist you in re-routing your order to a new pickup location. Depending on when in the ordering process you inform Whisky Quarterly Ontario of an address change, delivery times could be impacted.

Please make address changes known as far in advance as possible by our contact form to avoid re-routing your orders.

Alternates for Pick-Up

If you are moving to another province or country, or going to be away when your order arrives, you can designate an alternative person to pick up your order on your behalf. To designate a proxy, simply fill out the relevant information on your pickup notice.


Each promotion and/or contest held on Whisky Quarterly Ontario is subject to its own terms and conditions. Promotions are subject to change without notice.

Our Promise To You

We strive to bring you some of the world’s most exciting whiskies and we want you to have a great experience – from your first dram, to the bottom of the bottle.

Should you receive an order with any damage or you have any concerns, please reach out to us via our contact form and we will work with the distillery and LCBO to make it right.

WQO Dram Champions

WQO Dram Ambassadors are our in-person representatives within the community. As we expand across Ontario, it will be beneficial for members to be able to engage with local WQO Dram Ambassadors.

WQO Dram Ambassadors are responsible for:

  • Planning and executing of tasting events within their area
  • Work with local LCBO branches for pickup location management
  • May be asked to maintain a micro-selection of some of our distilleries offerings for events/tastings

If you’re interested in becoming a WQO Dram Ambassadors, please select it on our contact form and let us know where in Ontario you reside, and the reasons you’d be a great Dram Ambassadors.