What's in a name...?Probably Shouldn't Distillery

Everson, Washington
“Our philosophy here combines our shared values of hard work, intelligence, innovation and sustainable living. Our spirits are hand-crafted using ingredients from our own farm and capture the essence of the fruits grown in Washington state.”
Probably Shouldn't Whiskey American Whiskey

American Single Malt Whiskey

Double pot-distilled using 100% premium malted barley from Skagit County.

Probably Shouldn't Whiskey Old Tom Gin

Old Tom Gin

Old Tom is pot-distilled with 10 botanicals and is smoothly botanical and flavorful with a hint of sweetness.

Probably Shouldn't Whiskey Blueberry Pie Liqueur

Blueberry Pie Liqueur

A premium brandy is combined with organic blueberries, brown sugar, vanilla bean and cinnamon sticks to make a unique liqueur perfect for sipping straight.

Probably Shouldn't Whiskey Apple Brandy

Apple Brandy

Their Washington apple brandy is aged in American Oak barrels for a smooth and subtle finish.

Probably Shouldn't Whiskey Blueberry Brandy

Blueberry Brandy

Each bottle of their premium brandy is infused with a half pound of their farm’s whole, organic blueberries.

Probably Shouldn't Whiskey Raspberry Brandy

Raspberry Brandy

Their premium raspberry brandy is infused with a half pound of sweet, ripe raspberries picked less than 10 miles from their location.

So, about the name...

“Probably Shouldn’t…” it’s become something of a mantra for Probably Shouldn’t Distillery because they have heard it so many times. It’s the response we have come to expect when they have a new idea.

From planting blueberries on their property, to certifying organic, to opening a craft distillery on their now organic farm; Probably Shouldn’t Distillery have repeatedly been told they shouldn’t do something.

Their distillery name is a defiant nod to that sentiment. It’s also a nod to anyone who has ever stayed up a little too late and been asked, “You want another round?” The response is generally, “Probably shouldn’t.” But we often do it anyway.

As a former heavy equipment mechanic and a current high school English teacher, Probably Shouldn’t Distillery brings to life the shared values of hard work and not taking “no” for an answer, clear communication, cultivating strong relationships, supporting local businesses and celebrating life’s simple moments by laughing together.

Mariah & Shawn, Probably Shouldn't Distillery