Whisky isn't just a hobby to us, it's a passion, a lifestyle and something we want to share with the world. Learn more about how we do what we do.

Start with something you're passionate about. Check!

How does this all work?

At the risk of putting too fine a point on it, your WQO memberships work simply and easily. You and the new spirits you want to discover and try shouldn’t be kept apart by a bureaucratic vastness.

That’s the essence of Whisky Quarterly Ontario: people who enjoy and explore spirits and want to share with like-minded people – just like you.


Free Membership (LCBO Recommendations)

Consider this the ground floor.

Ok, you’ve got commitment issues. We get it. It’s like a first date and you want to see where it takes you. This membership allows you to explore existing LCBO stock through a monthly newsletter, without having to do all the driving around.

This is in essence how we got started, so the Free Membership pays tribute to our roots.

All you have to do is read, see something you like, and head to your nearest LCBO or order online. Curated selections and the cost to you? Nada.

Standard Membership

Where it's at!

The reason we exist and work as tirelessly as we do is the Membership itself. Don’t just settle for the “off the shelf” experience!

You’ll be enjoying your spirits in WQO Glencairn glass with your membership number on it. You’ll also receive discounts to our upcoming tasting events – online or in person.

Cost to you – just $100 a yearWe don’t make anything complicated. 

And, as for pricing, our policy is wrapped in plastic wrap. It’s fully transparent. We don’t pad the prices on the spirits. If, and when, we want a bottle ourselves, we pay the same price as you would. We also make the estimated price per bottle available for products displayed on our site. These estimates are determined via the tools from the LCBO itself.

The prices are set, by law, and to our best estimate as if you were buying it at the LCBO. We are not a reseller and we are not doing this for cash in a parking lot. Everything we do meets every legal requirement for operating Whisky Quarterly Ontario.

Still have questions?

No problem! We’re here to help.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section, or reach out to us.

TestimonialsKind words from our partner at the LCBO.

Great organization

I’ve been working with Whisky Quarterly Ontario for 5 quarters of selections. The team within the organization is excited to share the world of whisky with their members and we work closely with selecting a new and unique product to be enjoyed.


Product Manager, Whisky, Spirits, LCBO

Wanting something specific?

Submit a special order request, and we will do our best to locate and import your dream scotch, whiskey or spirit.