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Whisky Quarterly Ontario Processes

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How does this all work?

At launch, there will be two processes in play:

One will continue in the tradition of how we started, procuring unique items from the LCBO, as we have a great relationship with their Product Manager. Every quarter you will be able to “buy-in” on a bottle and have it coordinated to your area and/or via the LCBO’s online store.

Secondarily, as distilleries are brought on board to be represented by WQO, a membership tier will be available for non-LCBO product availability. This will also include exclusive content and opportunities for members.

Stock within the LCBO

We work with our whisky judge and the Product Manager of the LCBO to select items you may not have tried.

Step 1:

Community polled

We value your input, so at the beginning of each quarter, we ask the community what as a group they’d like to try.

Step 2:

Whisk(e)y selected

A bottle is selected and members choose if they want to “buy-in” for this quarter.

Step 3:

Whisk(e)y selected

Working with the LCBO, we arrange for cases of bottles to be distributed to nearby LCBO branches, or it can be ordered via the LCBO’s online store for delivery to your home.

Importing (Coming soon!)

With our arranged partnerships and distilleries we represent, we bring you unique stock not represented within the LCBO. Want to stay in the know? Check out our whisky membership options, or sign up and we’ll let you know as soon as our membership program is ready to go!

We'll keep you in the loop!

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Step 1:

Become a member

Become an official Whisky Quarterly Ontario Member to receive access to products and distilleries we represent, as well as future member-only content, early access to events and more to come!

Step 2:

Request a product

See something you like in our rotation or on the site? Great! Submit a quote request and proceed with an order. Quantity minimums are at the discretion of the distillery.

Step 3:

Shipping your whisk(e)y

Here’s the hard part: When an order is submitted, the product is still at the distillery. It can take some time between order and arrival in Ontario. Rough estimate: 4 to 6 weeks to 4 to 6 months. We know – Right in the feels!

Step 4:

Slàinte! Cheers! Enjoy!

Depending on your order, we will arrange on where and when you can pickup your order. Then just sip back and enjoy your delicious choice!

TestimonialsKind words from our partner at the LCBO.

Great organization

I’ve been working with Whisky Quarterly Ontario for 5 quarters of selections. The team within the organization is excited to share the world of whisky with their members and we work closely with selecting a new and unique product to be enjoyed.


Product Manager, Whisky, Spirits, LCBO

Wanting something specific?

Submit a special order request, and we will do our best to locate and import your dream scotch or whiskey.