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We are committed to the resurgence of independent, American craftsmanship and believe that excellence comes with patience and commitment.Manifest Distilling

Jacksonville, Florida
“Manifest takes the “hearts,” or the best, of each distillation to ensure our spirits are of the purest form before making the journey to your glass. The rest is in your hands. Where will your journey lead you?”
Manifest Distilling Rye Whiskey


Using the best organic North American grains from a co-op of farm, we combine rye with hard red spring wheat to result in a slightly softened approach to Rye Whiskey.

Manifest Distilling 100% Rye Whiskey

100% Rye

From the very beginning Manifest Distilling stated “using entirely rye grain stole our hearts.” The result is big, it’s bold, it’s what grown-ups like to drink.

Manifest Distilling Barreled Gin

Barreled Gin

Sometimes referred to as the the whiskey drinkers gin… or the other way around. Manifest Distilling’s award-winning organic gin has spent time in a unique combination of new and previously used casks.

Manifest Distilling Gin


A painstaking process of individually distilling more than 25 different botanicals to gauge its taste as a single distillate. This process allows each flavour to be isolated and blended to perfection.

Manifest Distilling Florida Citrus Vodka

Citrus Vodka

Being a Florida distiller Manifest Distilling couldn’t resist working with Florida grown oranges, grapefruit and lemon. The result turned non-vodka drinkers into connoisseurs of the category.

Manifest Distilling Coffee Liqueur Batch #2

Coffee Liqueur

Coffee liqueur combines two of many people’s favorite drinks: coffee and alcohol. Manifest Distilling pays homage to those who are growing the bean, which plays a leading role.

Celebrating American craftsmanship

Manifest Distilling was founded on the principle that a great vision can only be achieved through unity. Individual talents and abilities are integral to our success, but the sum is always greater than the individual parts. This founding principle revealed itself naturally when establishing our team, comprised of David Cohen, Scott Kennelly, Trey Mills and Tom Johnson. The individual journeys of these four gentlemen led them together to form what is now Manifest. Since opening in September 2016, that team has grown from the original 4 to the team you see below.

Manifest celebrates the best of what American craftsmanship has to offer, from the American-made distillation equipment to the grains sourced from a network of co-ops throughout the North America. Our distillation is influenced by training from famed brew school the Siebel Institute, researching and shadowing master distillers throughout Kentucky and elsewhere along with a resilient desire to never stop learning, growing and chasing our best selves.

Manifest Distilling Rye Being Served