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Sooke, BC

Lumette, in any setting, is always the perfect fit.

“Lumette was born out of the admiration of all things natural and a love for cocktail culture.”
Lumette London Dry Non-Alcoholic Spirit

London Dry

London Dry is a take on the classic juniper spirit, with citrus notes and traditional flavours.

Lumette Bright Light Non-Alcoholic Spirit

Bright Light

Bright Light Alt-Spirit is a modern contemporary take on a juniper spirit, with forest and floral tasting notes.

Illuminate your drinking experience.

Lumette!, in any setting, is always the perfect fit, for a non-alcoholic option in the spirits category. Bright Light Alt-Spirit is to be sipped and savoured in a cocktail in a classic coupe or rocks glass at home, as well as something you watch the bartender handcraft into a mixed drink before your eyes. Lumette! is for cocktail lovers who decide to skip the alcohol for their own reasons.

Their zero percent alcohol spirits are distilled from an abundance of botanicals giving you the uniqueness and versatility of a real, aromatic spirit without the alcohol. Premium, all-natural botanicals such as juniper berries, grapefruit and orange peel, grand fir needles, mint and cucumber round out the flavour in both variants.

Lumette! is for cocktail lovers who decide to skip the alcohol, yet still want to enjoy the classic Gin & Tonic, Clover Club or other spirit-based mixed drink.