Ron Swanson would be proud!

Nick Offerman, famed for his character of Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation, now has even more to add to his notoriety. The beloved yet sometimes controversial character on the hit show was a huge fan of whisky, much like the actor himself. With Lagavulin serving as the favorite brand of the iconic Swanson on the show, Offerman teamed up for the launch of a new single-malt – Lagavulin Offerman Edition Aged 11 Years.

The Lagavulin distillery, located on Lagavulin Bay, is the setting for which Lagavulin Offerman Edition Aged 11 Years was born. Steeped in traditions beginning from 1742 when around 10 illicit stills sat upon the property, it took a full 74 years until the first legal distillery would be founded by John Johnston.

Despite name changes over the year, the strong and silent peat and smokey flavors of the malts produced by Lagavulin have remained the same. They command attention with every sip, a repeated reward for the senses time after time. With the use of unique pear-shaped stills, the slow distillation and long maturation process make for a complex spirit, one that is well worth the wait.

Exclusive to Ontario, Lagavulin Offerman Edition Aged 11 Years is the ultimate collaboration between Offerman and Colin Gordon, the Lagavulin Distillery Manager. The prized new scotch features a sketch of Offerman along with his signature plus a quote that aptly sums up his love for the delightful nectar that is scotch whisky.

“I have travelled the world and sampled many attempts at pleasing nectars, but it is solely this distillation of Islay, a tiny, charismatic Scottish isle, that has claimed my palate. Yea, and my heart into the bargain,” is printed on the labels and attributed to Offerman.

For fans of his character on Parks and Rec, they’ll most certainly recall his declaration of fondness for whiskies hailing from Scotland. Now this fondness has been memorialized in a splendid bottle. Whether you’re a fan of the show or not, if you love scotch whisky, it’s a deeply golden colored offering that you should indulge in.

Lagavulin Offerman Edition Aged 11 Years has a rather striking aromatic profile and boasts citrus, smoked peat, raw almonds, and dried fruit in its flavoring. It’s such a bold and smoky edition, one that brings a long-lasting finish to the table. For those dabbling in whisky and food pairings, trying it with a smoked fish like trout. Of course, enjoying this 46% ABV edition on its own after dinner is an equally impressive way to finish your evening on a high note.

Lagavulin Nick Offerman Edition, Aged 11 Years, Review