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Newport News, Virginia
“In our family, we believe there is such a thing as a “bourbon gene.” It runs in our blood alcohol level. That’s why we founded Ironclad with a single aim, as simple as it is ambitious: To create the best bourbon, from grain to glass – like Grandma would have liked.”
Ironclad Distillery Small Batch Bourbon

Small Batch Bourbon

Produced using Virginia corn, wheat and rye along with malted barley and double-distilled in six 26-gallon hand-built stills. Aged for one year in new, American oak barrels. It is characterized by the brackish air from Virginia’s James River, balanced by the sweet caramelized oak sap from small, charred barrels. A sweet opening with a dry spice pop finish.

Ironclad Distillery Straight Bourbon

Straight Bourbon

Distilled from our proprietary corn, wheat, rye and malted barley mash and aged for two years in 30-gallon new, charred American oak barrels. Salted caramel notes imparted by our close proximity to the James River are balanced by the sweet caramelized oak sap with a dry, spicy pop finish from the finest Virginia rye.

Ironclad Distillery Southern Honey Bourbon

Honey Finish Bourbon

Featuring our signature four-grain bourbon, finished for six months in our own used barrels that previously flavored AR’s Hot Southern Honey from Richmond, Virginia. This unique bourbon has notes of fruity spice followed by a complementary honey sweetness to mellow the chili heat. Limited quantities.

Ironclad Distillery Coffee Finish Bourbon

Coffee Finish Bourbon

Single barrel distilled from Virginia corn, wheat and rye, along with malted barley then finished for three months in Ironclad’s own used Missouri white oak barrels that flavoured espresso beans from Vessel Craft Coffee of Norfolk, Virginia. Strong chocolate notes from the coffee beans and aromatic spice. Bottled at cask strength, yet surprisingly smooth. Limited quantities.

Ironclad Distillery Maple Finish Bourbon

Maple Finish Bourbon

Featuring our signature four-grain bourbon, finished for six months in our own used barrels that previously flavored pure maple syrup from trees at Sweeter Creations Sugar House in Waddington, New York. The maple syrup imparts a subtle sweetness, with toasted wood and baking spice notes from the double oaking. Limited quantities.

Ironclad Distillery and the "bourbon gene"

In 1862, one year into the American Civil War, the first ships to be armored in iron engaged in the waters off the Port of Newport News, Virginia. A few hours later, the Navy would be changed forever.

That mighty battle inspired our name. And it’s why we stick to our guns. We make authentic bourbon. That’s it. Nothing else. It’s our Ironclad rule.

Working with some of Virginia’s best grains, our aim is to produce bourbon whiskey that is accessible in flavor and price, while being of the highest quality of production.

Located along the James River, within view of the old Battle of the Ironclads site, Ironclad operates in the prodigious S.W. Holt & Co. warehouse built in 1913.

Ironclad Distillery: Made in Virginia