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Why should I join Whisky Quarterly Ontario?

Well, you enjoy whisky. You enjoy exploring whisky. Or, maybe your palate is pretty diverse and you enjoy rums, vodkas or gins?  WQO gives you the opportunity to do all three with spirits you can’t get anywhere else in Ontario through our Exclusive Distillery Partners.

How do you decide or choose which distilleries to carry?

The bigger or more well-known names, as delicious as they are, don’t need any extra help promoting their various expressions. Everyone who wants a bottle of Lag, has a bottle of Lag, right?

We go for the smaller craft distilleries who have a story inside and behind the bottle that, frankly, we feel, need to be enjoyed by more people.

How long does it take to have my order delivered?

When you order, you’re ordering directly from the distillery itself. On average, that can take up to 4 or 6 weeks – We’ve seen faster and we’ve seen slower. The LCBO logistics process is something out of our hands, however, it does mean all your imports are legal and “above Board” (pun intended).

However, if we have some of the whisky, gin, vodka or rum you’re looking for in Ontario already, it could be at your place, ready to be poured in about a week.

Can I buy a membership for a friend or a family member as a gift?

Of course you can. What better gift than the gift of great spirits?

Simply click on the “gift” option on the membership form. Oh, just an FYI – be ready for a barrage of “thank you’s”.

What else does WQO do?

We also have a weekly virtual (for now) Sip & Share every Thursday night. That’s where you can chill and chat with WQO members. There’s always room for one more.

Plus, we do virtual tastings and, hopefully soon enough, we’ll get back to in-person sessions and events as the world returns to normal.

Why do you call yourself "Whisky Quarterly Ontario" when you have other spirits?

While we are whisky-focused, we aren’t solely about whisky.  We realize that many whisky drinkers love to explore other spirits. Back in our original days, the number of times we were asked “When are you doing a “Gin Quarterly” or a “Rum Quarterly” started to really add up.

Plus, most distillers start in spirits such as gin or vodka, or have a really great liqueur – Why wouldn’t we want our members to not enjoy those as well?

Why should I pay for a $100-dollar membership when you offer a membership at no cost?

Good question!

The Free Membership is a nod to our roots. It’s existing LCBO stock and we help you with curated selections from the stock available in Ontario. Suggestions to try new things that you may not have noticed on your last visit.

The modestly priced $100 annual Standard Membership gives you access to all the distilleries we represent, plus a few other niceties that you don’t get with the Free Membership.

Besides, think of the bragging rights your shelf will have when you have a whisky or spirit that no one else has and can get? Unless they become a member like you.

Are you a reseller and, if so, do you mark up the prices?

(Censored), no! We don’t resell or pad the prices.

Our pricing is based strictly on what you would pay if the LCBO carried your spirit. If we did resell the spirits, we would be breaking the law. We’d rather help you stock your bars, not be behind. It took years of effort to develop our model, get appropriate licensing, etc. We are not going to jeopardize that for a few bucks on the sly.

How does ordering work?

Eager to order something eh? Great!

While our plan is to roll out eCommerce in time. We’d rather to it right then fast. If you’re interested though, you can see the estimated landed cost of each of our available spirits from our Distillery Partners.

To order though, you must be a paid member of WQO, and you can contact us to place an order as we move towards our eventual eCommerce plans.

Can I send you photos of my whiskies, other spirits or other spirit related stuff like distillery tour photos or “what I’m enjoying right now”?

That would be awesome! We would love to see what makes you passionate and excited about the world of craft spirits.

Join our Facebook Page. We’d love to see what you love to enjoy from your collection. Who knows, it may even end up on our Instagram!

TestimonialsKind words from our partner at the LCBO.

Great organization

I’ve been working with Whisky Quarterly Ontario for 5 quarters of selections. The team within the organization is excited to share the world of whisky with their members and we work closely with selecting a new and unique product to be enjoyed.


Product Manager, Whisky, Spirits, LCBO