A Harmonious Whisky

Back in the 1800s, Canadian whisky traditions first began. The first of these whiskies typically used corn as the base with a mix of rye and barley. Over the years, these would evolve so that the mild, smooth-tasting Canadian whisky we know it as today would sweep across the continent.

While it first enjoyed a huge surge during the US Prohibition days and in the 1950s and 60s, tastes shifted toward white spirits and wine in the 70s and 80s. The world of Canadian whiskies had ground to a brief halt. But in the 1990s, Canadian whisky consolidated with just a few large distilleries churning out whisky each year.

Enter 1992 when John K. Hall, a revered winemaker with more than four decades of industry experience tapped into the market. He had dreamed of becoming a leading whisky-maker and plunged right into Forty Creek. He didn’t ease into it either… he burst onto the scene, bringing with him the fresh energy and innovations that Canadian whisky truly deserved.

Located in Grimsby, Ontario in the stunning Niagara region, Forty Creek distillery had begun life in 1790 when it was once simply called ‘The Forty.’ Named for the 40 miles it sits from Niagara Falls, the river that runs through it was named Forty Mile Creek, inspiring the name for the whisky.

While Niagara Region is mainly known for being a mecca to Canada’s leading wine producers, Forty Creek distillery stands out with dazzling whiskies that lead the way for the whisky industry all over the world. With the release of Forty Creek Unity, it only gets better.

Forty Creek Unity was crafted to celebrate the loyal fan base, hand-picked by five very fortunate followers all across Canada. It’s a select blend of whiskies aged further than before with toasted mocha staves (a type of American white oak stave) and joined with a 10-year-old corn whisky, resulting in the complete and utter smoothness the distillery is known for.

Forty Creek Unity is the 12th annual limited-edition whisky. After the distinctive blending, they took it one step further and added just a touch of rare fortified Portuguese-style wine. The wine, it should be known, had spent 15 solid years confined in Forty Creek Whisky barrels.

So, how does Forty Creek Unity taste? On the nose, you get rich blooms of chocolate with a slight maple hint that reveals just a twinge of earthiness. As it rolls across the palate, rich dark chocolate envelops the senses with dark fruits for a seamless combination that rounds out with just a touch of rye spice. On the finish, you get dry oak that moves into creaminess, making it an outstanding Canadian whisky, one that tastes contemporary but bears the distinguished classic flavor. Forty Creek Unity is definitely a bottle to reach for when one wants something uniquely innovative while upholding legendary status.

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