Dràm Mòr Group

Showcasing the best of every whisky.

“Independent single cask whisky bottler. Est. 2019”
Dram Mor Group, Aberlour 7yr


7-year old

Young and vibrant. Hints of riverbank flowers and heather in bloom balance beautifully with the Portuguese wine overture.

Dram Mor Group, Caol Ila 6yr

Caol Ila

6-year old

Lemon, lime, sea-spray, sun dried seaweed; a touch of brininess and iodine drift, good amount of peat.

Dram Mor Group, Glen Garioch 8yr

Glen Garioch

8-year old

Pine needles, resin, oak, toasted cereal, lightly peated, hints of riverbank flowers: primrose, marigold, mint and honeysuckle. Hints of pepper, lemon and spice.

Dram Mor Group, Glenrothes 9yr, Moscatel


9-year old

A brilliant combination of vanilla spiciness from the bourbon cask and a delicious fruit overture from the Moscatel cask.

Dram Mor Group, Glenrothes 9yr, Spanish Red Wine


9-year old

Ripe red pear, red berries, creaminess, a touch of lime and somewhat sweet spice and almond.

Dram Mor Group, Tomintoul 15yr


15-year old

Sweet, elegant and delicate. Aromas of blossom honey, proving dough, roast coconut, spice mix of star Anais, fresh orange and lime peel, cinnamon, woody back note.

Showcasing the best of every Scottish whisky distillery.

Dràm Mòr Group Ltd. are family Scotch single cask whisky bottlers and whisky brokers, established in 2013, who choose individual casks to showcase the best of every Scottish whisky distillery.

They started started as whisky brokers and export agents, focusing on work with independent Scottish whisky distilleries like Ian Macleod Distillers, the Isle of Arran Distillery, Kingsbarns Distillery (Wemyss Malts), the Speyside Distillers (Spey Whisky), Port of Leith Distillery, North Uist Distillery, the Borders Distillery, Douglas Laing Co. and Asahi group, owners of Ben Nevis Distillery.

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Dram Mor Group, Whisky Quarterly Ontario
Dram Mor Group in leaves
Dram Mor Group in leaves