Who we are

Like so many things “Canadian”, Whisky Quarterly Ontario had a humble beginning. A whisky tasting event took place for our (future) founder’s announcement party for the birth of his first son. Of the twenty in attendance, there was a variety of experiences from “this is nice” to “peated scotch is disgusting!”.

One clear message came from that night: “We need to do this again”, and Whisky Quarterly Ontario came into being in 2018. We have gone from just a Facebook Group to this site, but want to keep expanding.

The larger our group as a whole becomes – The more valuable we are collectively to both the LCBO and our future distillery partners.

What is a Dram Ambassador?

We're looking for some great people who enjoy the "Water of Life"

What’s Involved:

  • Planning and executing of tasting events within their area
  • Determine centralized LCBO location and work with the local branch to facilitate local pickup from members
  • Be willing to manage a Chapter Facebook Group page
    • Post content
    • Add and moderate users to ensure everyone has a great time and experience with other community members
    • Share event details, Whisky Quarterly Ontario rotation details
    • Determine the best, centralized LCBO location for rotation
  • As we onboard distilleries, you may be asked to maintain a micro-selection of distillery offerings for event and/or tastings.
  • Enjoy whisk(e)y – Naturally!

Sound like you? Great!

If you’re interested in becoming a WQO Dram Ambassador, please select it on our contact form and let us know where in Ontario you reside, and the reasons you’d like to be a part of this growing network of whisky lovers.