Top Reasons to Work With Us

  • No upfront costs. It’s not easy to start a distillery, let alone finance it. Don’t add the stress of upfront commissions, fees, or additional staffing costs out of the gate to expand into a new market.
  • No hit to your margin. We don’t make the product – you do. We don’t define what hit to your bottom line you should take. Instead, we work with you to price the product to appeal to our members, but is fair to you.
  • Lower commission. We minimize the impact to your bottom line with a 10% commission rather than the usual 15%
  • No lock-in. We want to form long-term relationships – The right ones. For a good partnership to grow, no one can feel stuck. Our agreement has a trial term and a “way out” for both of us.
  • Online-first. Consumers have shifted online for their research and purchasing. That’s why we’re an online-first organization. This means potentially higher visibility without fighting for shelf space.
  • Collaborative marketing. Our background in marketing means using best practices to increase your brand’s visibility through our online site and eCommerce. We’re here to support you in any way we can!
  • Experiential events and tastings. Our team works with a National Canadian Whisky Ambassador that is ready to promote your brand and your reness and sales up to 3 times more than pounding the pavement alone.
  • Restaurant Partnerships. We reinforce our online presence with an import license gives us opportunities to put products into Ontario-based restaurants and bars, getting your brand in the hands, and on the lips, of bartenders and customers.
  • Whisky-focused, not whisky-only. While we’re whisky drinkers by name, you have other great spirits to be proud of, we’ll represent and show them off too! We’re always have people asking us when adding “X spirit” to the model.
  • The LCBO backbone. The LCBO is one of the world’s largest importers of liquor in the world and we have been developing our relationship with the Liquor Control Board of Ontario since our humble beginnings. By working with them, we can leverage their processes, departments, and experience in importing your products.
  • A spirited bunch! (See what we did there?) At our core, we’re lovers of great spirits. Ontarians have always looked for spirits beyond their local LCBO’s shelves only to find the process too time-consuming and too expensive. We have been developing our model since 2017 and will continue to adapt it to serve producers and consumers better.