Let's work together to bring your spirits to Ontario

Welcome to the foundation of a spirited relationship!

Thank you for the interest in working with us at Whisky Quarterly Ontario! We’re thrilled to explore bringing your spirits to the Province of Ontario.

Some high-level reasons to work with us

  • No risk
  • No minimums, manageable growth
  • No upfront salary for sales rep on the ground
  • Access to passionate spirit aficionados

Or dig deeper below

No upfront costs

It’s not easy to start a distillery, let alone finance it. Don’t add the stress of upfront commissions, fees, or additional staffing costs out of the gate to expand into a new market.

No hit to your margin

We don’t make the product – you do. We don’t define what hit to your bottom line you should take. Instead, we work with you to price the product to appeal to our members – but is fair to you.

No lock-in

We want to form long-term relationships – The right ones. For a good partnership to grow, no one can feel stuck. Our agreement has a trial term and a “way out” for both of us.


Consumers have shifted online for their research and purchasing. That’s why we’re an online-first organization. This means potentially higher visibility without fighting for shelf space.

Lower commission

We minimize the impact to your bottom line with a 10% commission rather than the usual 15%

Collaborative marketing

Our background in marketing means using best practices to increase your brand’s visibility through our online site and eCommerce. We’re here to support you in any way we can!

Exoeriential events and tastings

Our team works with Canadian Whisky Ambassador, Spencer Gooderham, who is ready to promote your brand and your awareness and sales up to 3 times more than pounding the pavement alone.

Restaurant and bar partnerships

We reinforce our online presence with an import license gives us opportunities to put products into Ontario-based restaurants and bars, getting your brand in the hands, and on the lips, of bartenders and customers.

Whisky-focused, not whisky-only

While we’re whisky drinkers by name, you have other great spirits to be proud of. We will represent and show them off too! We’re always having members asking us when are you adding “X spirit” to the model?

Additional spirits we’re interested in at this time: gin, vodka, rum, mescal.

The LCBO backbone

The Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) is one of the world’s largest importers of liquor in the world and we have been developing our relationship with the LCBO since our humble beginnings. By working with them, we can leverage their processes, departments, and experience in importing your products.

A spirited bunch (see what we did there?)

At our core, we’re lovers of great spirits. Ontarians have always looked for spirits beyond their local LCBO’s shelves only to find the process too time-consuming and too expensive. We have been developing our model since 2017 and will continue to adapt it to serve producers and consumers better.

What’s required to begin?

Even with our Ontario license from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), we have to abide by the Provincial Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO). While there are a few steps to get your products listed in Ontario, we’re working hard to make this process as painless as possible. That said, here are what we need from you in order to import, list and sell your spirits:

Approval from Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO)

To get started, we need your confirmation that you are entering an agreement with us as your agent. A simple LCBO formatted document that needs to be filled out and sent back to us on your distillery’s corporate letterhead.

Written agreement to allow Whisky Quarterly Ontario to bring your spirits into Canada

Enlisting an agent is assigning a person/company as your representative in Ontario. They will be the point of contact for your products and will import under the rules and regulations of the LCBO. Our Sales Agreement confirms you agree to work with us.

Specifications of spirits

With information such as:

  • Wholesale price per case
  • Bottle quantity per case – 6, 9 or 12
  • ABV or Proof of spirit
  • Bottle sizes
  • Freight calculation per case

In some cases, the LCBO will require some further information about your product or labelling. Our model tries to minimize this as much as possible.

Vendor Profile

Final document to get setup in the LCBO systems, ultimately helping you get paid for your product.

Once we have the completed attachments back, we take it from there to get you setup. Rest assured we’re happy to provide guidance on pricing, freight and more, we want this to be as quick and easy as possible so that you can focus on creating sprits – not paperwork.