In the weird world we found ourselves in, starting in 2020, it became even more apparent that we needed to find way to still run events and feel connected to our colleagues and clients.

Choosing the right provider for online, or in-person events can be challenging! Even more so in times we need to be more socially distanced.

More and more, people are turning towards spirits and whiskies for these events. The popularity of whisky in particular has been accelerating over the past few years, and the search for something unique is viewed as something premium to clients. This makes something like a virtual whisky tasting as something exciting to offer to clientele as a way to show appreciation.

Unlike other companies out there, that tend to offer selections from the LCBO’s current stock. At Whisky Quarterly Ontario, we represent distilleries from around the world that offer craft spirits such as gin, vodka, rum and yes, of course whiskies, to deliver a more premium experience. This allows you to provide an event that literally cannot be found off the shelves in Ontario.

Whether your clients are in Windsor or Toronto, Waterloo to Ottawa, we’re here to help you create an event that is fun, engaging, unique and most importantly: Memorable to your clients.

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“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Whisky Quarterly Ontario on our latest executive VIP event.  Brendan took a my vague idea and turned it into a perfectly planned virtual evening of education and of course whisky tasting.  He helped identify the whisky for the event, order the product, plan the speakers and did an outstanding job moderating the event as well.  His communication and customer service were stellar.   I highly recommend Brendan and WQO for anyone looking to do virtual events.”

– Rebecca C., Sr Manager Marketing for an international IT company

Some of our facilitators

Renaud Timson, whisky reviewer
William Anderson, Distillery Relations, Whisky Quarterly Ontario