Cascade Street Distillery, Whisky Quarterly Ontario Exclusive

We believe in making small, exceptionally good batches of liquor. Cascade Street Distillery

Sisters, Oregon
“A Sisters family-run enterprise is making a distinctive mark as an emerging Western small batch distillery, carving a niche amid the state’s burgeoning craft spirits scene through a sustainable philosophy emphasizing regional ingredients and “putting Central Oregon in a bottle.”


As American as a saloon in the old west, Cascade Street Distillery brings a bold sipping bourbon born of 100% American corn, rye, & barley and mixed with pristine mountain spring water. One sip will be enough to make you a fan of their mountain style bourbon.

South Sister Gin


South Sister Gin is a small batch craft gin that brings you a unique blend of an exceptional citrus forward base and handpicked juniper berries, desert sage and Ponderosa Pine pods indigenous to Central Oregon.


From the beginning the ultimate goal when distilling vodka has been a crisp, clean and bright elixir that refreshes the palate. Cascade Street Distillery’s vodka has achieved just that.

Local and family-run

Brother & Sister owned in Sisters, Oregon. Crafting adventurous, great liquor with humble passion.

We live in Sisters, Oregon, surrounded by endless forest, hundreds of pristine lakes; back-dropped by 10,000 foot Cascade Mountain Peaks. Imagine if you could take the essence of a place and put it into a bottle?

Cascade Street Distillery is part of a new generation of Western craft distillers fuelled by a love of landscape, adventure and innovation; inspired by the region’s resources. Wine enthusiasts call it terroir. Western craft distillers call it pristine mountain water and local botanicals. Each sip brings you closer to that campfire under a blanket of stars.

Broken Top Bourbon