Carly Hubbard, Influencer & Bartender

Carly Hubbard

Carly is a spirit & cocktail enthusiast who’s been dedicated to her passion for hospitality for 11 years. From her first day behind a bar, she knew this was no longer a short term gig. She was in love. Carly thrives on providing memorable & unique service to every guest, which prompted her to begin going off-menu to create custom cocktails based on a guest’s tastes. She’s been doing this for many years, honing her skills and mastering her craft. Currently, Carly has earned the role of Head Bartender at Maxx’s Kitchen in Hotel X Toronto, where she creates the signature cocktails for the restaurant’s menus.

Throughout the years, Carly has had the opportunity to work in every Front of House position in various restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs and hotels where she has continually thrived on learning more about cocktails, spirits and their histories. Her 11 years of diverse experience have given her an insight to the business from every angle that has allowed her to understand the market & help restaurants hit their targets. What started as a temporary job has truly become a lifelong passion for Carly.


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