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Think outside the barrel.

“Made with passion and purpose.”
Broken Barrel Whiskey Bourbon

Broken Barrel Bourbon

A Small Batch bourbon that is unforgettably smooth, rich with vanilla and oak, and finished beautifully with those hints of Sherry cask.

Broken Barrel Whiskey Cask Strength Bourbon

Broken Barrel Cask Strength Bourbon

Our Cask Strength Bourbon is finished with our signature Oak Bill – using broken Ex-Bourbon, Sherry, and French oak barrel staves to layer in complex flavors to classic Kentucky distilled bourbon.

Broken Barrel Whiskey California Oak Bourbon

Broken Barrel California Oak Bourbon

Their founder and ‘Chief Barrel Breaker’ was born and raised in California. His passion for great bourbon coupled with his access to freshly dumped Central Coast Cabernet casks combined for a truly unique bourbon.

Barrel breakers.
Risk takers.

Though it is often debated, the team at Broken Barrel firmly hold true that barrels account for roughly 80% of the final flavour of a whiskey.

The flavours imparted from contact with oak are what create the whiskeys we all love and enjoy. Rather than put their whiskey into barrels, they instead explored what happens if they did the reverse. Instead of finishing their whiskey in barrels, they finish the whiskey with broken barrel staves. Broken Barrel chose to put wood into whiskey – and the results were unbelievable.

Taste their methods. Share their madness.

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