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We'd like to tell you whisky is our lives, but well...
``some people`` may take offence.

Brendan Waller


Serial entrepreneur, known to have a bottle of scotch in his desk, but shhhhh! Whisky Quarterly Ontario fulfills two dreams for Brendan, his desire to continue a journey in entrepreneurship as well as expand his (and others) collections of fine spirits.

Brendan Waller, founder, WQO
William Anderson, Distillery Relations, Whisky Quarterly Ontario

William Anderson

Manager, Distillery Relations

Distillery networking guru. William brings his years of relationship-focused business development and his passion for great spirits together.

Spencer Gooderham

Canadian whisky ambassador

Spencer, a direct descendent of the Gooderham Family (yes, that one!). He served as the Canadian Whisky Ambassador for one of the largest spirit companies in the world. He now brings his passion and knowledge of spirits to us.

Sarah O'Neill, Event Coordination at Whisky Quarterly Ontario

Sarah O'Neill

Event Coordinator

With a passion for great events and even better spirits, Sarah brings her years of experience in customer-focused, marketing roles to the team.

Kris Shoemaker

Canadian whisky judge

With a collection that would make many weep, Kris brings his experience as a Canadian whisky judge, his knowledge and palate to sampling, reviewing and recommending of great whiskies.

Kris Shoemaker, Whisky Judge & Reviewer
Francisco Granados

Francisco Granados

Web ops & integrations

Bio coming soon.

Sean Mangan

Bar chef

A seasoned restauranteur, bartender with a keen sense of flavours and the magic that works between them, Sean is our go-to when we are needing something exciting to sip.

Sean Mangan, Mixologist
Adam Longstaff, Storyteller

Adam Longstaff

Content Creator

Lover of whiskey and words, finder of stories and facts. Adam brings his crafting of words together for much of the content in our blog section. An avid lover of the spirits-world, it is a content match made in heaven.