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May 19, 2020by Brendan Waller0

Over three years ago, this idea was born, wow, well you say it like that it sounds like a long time, but it has been flown by in the blink of an eye.

First off, welcome! Welcome to the first incarnation of Whisky Quarterly Ontario. A craft spirit membership, we feel is truly unique in Ontario. We’re not a wine club, we’re not a micro-expression club. We don’t charge outrageous fees, because we believe that truly unique craft spirits should be enjoyable by anyone with a desire to try something new, and to enjoy craft spirits from across Canada, the United States and around the world.

How’s the membership work?

Great question! Our membership is a little unique because we wanted to provide members with the best full-bottle experience for a spirits membership. We’re not a wine club membership, we’re not a micro-expression membership – who wants to sample something and fall in love with it, only to never be able to get it again.

We’re a whole bottle membership and you get access to our craft distillery partners. When you order something with us, the minimum is a case – As required by the LCBO. A deposit will be required to get the ball rolling and we can work with you to have your case shipped to an LCBO location, or coordinate shipping with you once the spirit is in the Province of Ontario.

We will be adding pricing from our distilleries to the website in the coming weeks.

What’s coming next for WQO?

Distilleries, of course

We’re thrilled with the launch partners we have, and we will continue to add new, exciting craft spirits distilleries over time. Our next focus will be on the UK and international spirits.

Do you have a distillery you wish you could see in Ontario? Get in touch with us. We can reach out to them and see what we can do to get them into the Province for you. Our friendly model for distilleries makes it a nice way to ‘dip their toe’ into the Province.


Our hope is that one day most of the core interactions on the site will be through the site itself. Membership signups with renewals, product order requests and additional products that are all surrounding the world of spirits – glassware, mixers, bar tools, etc.

Like anything good, it takes time to accomplish. We will keep you up to date on new additions to our website.

Whisky & spirit events

One of our early validations of what we’re doing with Whisky Quarterly Ontario was Spencer Gooderham, a retired whisky ambassador, stating his interest in working with us on events. Obviously, with the world shut due to COVID-19, that’s not possible now. We’re working with our launch partners on some efforts to promote their spirits and brands to you while you’re doing your self-isolation.

However, when the world does re-open, we’re excited to be finding spirit and whisky bars around Ontario that are interested in holding events and bringing in spirits for their customers.


I have said a lot of times over the past few weeks as we’ve moved towards the membership launching – we have done a lot, still lots of work to do – and I firmly stand by that statement. We are spirit lovers; we believe that we’re on a great journey of bringing amazing craft spirits into the Province of Ontario for you to enjoy.

From the whole team, thank you for the support. Keep it up! Anyway that you can help spread the good word is greatly appreciated!

Brendan Waller

A lover of his family, entrpreneurial ventures and ideas – And a great peated scotch.

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